This month I read a book called Gone by Michael Grant. This book is about a futuristic world sometime. One day, everybody fourteen and up disappears. This book follows two main characters, Sam and Astrid. Kids in the city miss their parents and want everything to go back to normal but, without parents and older,wiser people to watch them, drugs, murder and crisis break out. Groups are formed and a place called perdido beach is now called the fayz (fallout alley youth zone). Some kids are trying to take control of everything and Sam and Astrid just have to make a new life, but will they survive the frantic and stressed place?

One word pitch: Survive

Twitter Pitch: Parents need to give discipline to our children to make sure that our world will be in responsible hands in the future in case of an emergency.

Question Pitch: What would you do if you didn’t have parents?


  1. I liked this blog. I learned that Gone is mostly about survival in a world of chaos. I thought it was interesting that your twitter pitch was more about your thoughts on the book. Is this book a series, and if so, have your read the series? What was your rating? I haven't read a ton of survival books, but this sounds like a book I might want to read.

  2. Thank you Charlotte! I didn't exactly understand how to do a twitter pitch but I tried it! My rating on this book is a 8/10 because the series has a lot of repeating. This book is focused more on trying to bypass the challenges that are going on than surviving but, I think it was a great book because you could related to it and you could feel how the characters felt. @CharlotteL

  3. Hi linZi, this was a well-written blog-and this sounds like a very interesting book that I would like to read because I really want to know what happens to the kids. Are the people on the cover supposed to be Sam and Astrid?, Because they don’t look under fourteen. I agree that Parents need to make sure that we are responsible in case of emergency, because that world sounds terrible without adults around. I think it was interesting that your twitter pitch was a veiw you had, rather than a summary of the book. Reading this, I learned that a world without adults would be totally scary. Nice Job.

    Eva D