I read Allegiant by Veronica Roth this month. Allegiant is the last book in the series. Tris and Tobias, the main characters, desperately want their world healed (no violence and killing) but, most of all, they want themselves healed. But, there are many surprising truths behind the city they live in and themselves. So, when a new group called “allegiant” is developed, Tris and Tobias are ready join in and decide to leave their city among the allegiant but, they find that it is harder to adjust to the new life than they thought.
I would rate this book 9/10 because the author did a great job describing the characters and conflicts. I felt so connected to the characters because I could relate to the situations that they were in. Tris and Tobias are “different” and are called divergent. All of Tris and Tobias lives are spent wanting to fit in and wanting to be like everyone else. In one part of the story when Tris receives news about her genes, she can really tell people that she is different and has to figure out a way to fit in. The only thing that I can pick on is that the ending of the book was very short and abrupt. The ending also wasn’t my favorite because of what happens but, it was very meaningful. Otherwise, the book was amazing.

This paragraph gives away some spoilers
Allegiant had many very large parts of the story that are very important so it was very hard to pick the theme that applied to all of the events. After putting some t hought into it, I decided that the best theme would be: With every sacrifice made, there is usually a new kind of hope. I believe that this is an appropriate theme because of what the main characters had to go through. One situation that the main characters, had to go through that played a big factor in helping determine the theme was when Tris risked her life for her brother that she could never hurt. Tris did this to bring hope to the her fallen city.

One conflict that really illustrates the theme is when the “Allegiant” are escaping the city and one of the characters,Tori, dies while leading the group to a new hope and beginning. This moment really ties in with the theme and sacrifice. Tori sacrificed herself to let the others find a new hope. The way the author put it really made the theme pop. This book is all about sacrificing and finding new hope. All of the conflicts leveled out to Tris and Tobias finding a new hope which lead to the next conflict.

I think that the characters change the theme also. Tris and Tobias had personalities that changed how the conflicts and setting looked. Tris is a very fierce person but, is also very soft hearted and caring. On the other hand, Tobias is more of the tough guy and is scared of heights was brought up in a difficult situation. So when Veronica Roth wrote the conflicts and setting in Tris’ perspective, it was different than if she would have written it in Tobias’ perspective. One moment in this book when Tobias is weighing the choice to go zip-lining, since he is scared of height he sees it differently than Tris would have.

I would recommend this book to dystopian lovers and people who love action. I think this book is more on the girl side more than the boys because of the romance and the relationships that are in this book. I also think that this book appeals more to girls than boys because girls can relate to the main characters more. I enjoyed this book so much and read it with a strong passion. The author threw in twists and turns that you could only enjoy.  I think this book is one of the my favorite books. I learned so many valuable lessons within this book. I really think that it’s helped me see the world in a different way. I can’t wait to see the movie come out in 2014!

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  1. I think you did a great job! I have considered reading the series, from both you and other people I have heard some good ratings. I have two questions, are all the books related or are there different people and a different story in each book? How it is utopian/distopian book? I found it interesting that you showed just one moment to sum up the book. I feel it does not always work because there can be many different moments in the book. However, I feel you chose the right example because it shows some theme and other elements of writing. Though over all I think you did a great Job!