September Book Of the Month Blog

I read the Eragon Series written by Christopher Paolini. In the Eragon Series there are 4 books; Eragon, Brisingr, Eldest, and Inheritance. The series follows the adventure about a teenage boy named Eragon who comes across a dragon egg. Eragon is suddenly pulled into the world of magic and misfortune. Galbatorix has sent Ra'zac into Eragon’s town to search for the lost dragon egg. The Ra'zac kill his uncle by setting his house on fire. Despite this tragedy, Eragon wants to seek revenge on the Ra'zac, but in order to do so he must sacrifice everything he has.

As I was reading this book, I felt the characters were not totally developed and ideas were unclear. The author wrote lots of paragraphs and chapters that weren't necessary to contribute to the story. I do not think the author did a good job of making every chapter include something exciting or interesting. The only thing that kept me reading onto the next book was the cliffhanger at the end and my curiosity to want to find out what happens. As I was reading,  felt like the storyline kept going in circles due to the amount of repeated ideas and word choice.

Christopher Paolini wrote from 1st person view of Eragon. In some chapters the author would switch the perspective to someone else’s and became confusing. He did not do a good job describing the characters thoughts and feeling towards each other and often left me with questions that should have been answered. I didn’t feel a strong connection between other characters besides Eragon. In some chapters I had to guess what ideas and thoughts author wanted to get across to me. I made me think that the author was rushing.

Although I didn’t like this series the books had some satisfying moments such as when the Ra’zac attack Eragon and his friend Brom saved him. Parts of the story like those kept me reading. The book had elements such as, twists, blind curves and romance but the ideas and information the author was trying to get across was unclear making it hard to understand.

I read this book with question always on my mind about the story. Honestly I couldn’t put this book down! I just really wanted to figure out what happens to Eragon. At some points I got really frustrated with how the author wrote because it was not worth reading. I wish that I didn’t waste my time reading all of the books only to have my questions not be answered.

This series didn’t exactly mean a whole lot to me. I found out that I’m not really interested in mystical and magical creatures. I would have abandoned this book, except that the author left lots of questions. In all books, there needs to be a theme and I thought that the appropriate theme would be: “ When a problem arises, take it like a hero.” because of all of the challenges the main character faces.

This series reminded me of our own world and our freedom. In this series many establishments are under the command of a mean and nasty ruler who controls everything they do. It makes me realize that others have sacrificed their lives to fight for my freedom and I have taken that for granted. It made me think of what it would be like to live in a world where a supreme ruler controlled what we did and who we voted for and what jobs we have. This book reminded me of the Garth Nix series because in Garth Nix, the main characters are ruled by a nasty, mean ruler and their freedom is limited.

While reading this series, I didn’t have a great connection between the characters and didn’t have a very clear understanding on what the author was trying to get across. I also thought the author stopped the series abruptly and because of this I still have many questions such as: Did Eragon create the world he planned to? Where did they put all of the dragons hearts? and What Galbatorix’s kingdom turn into? I think that these are all questions that should have been answered.


  1. Wow, Linzi great job. You used just the right amount of info to get what you wanted across. I loved the quick summary at the beginning. I relate on how you felt with the book, I have read books that can drag on an speed up very quickly. I learned that the author of the Eragon series was only 17 when he wrote them, which is very interesting. I thought it was interesting how you did the blog on the whole series and only put the summary of the first book and not the rest, but I think it was executed very well. I don't think I would be interested in reading these series because I am not into the “mystical creature” thing and all of the violence.

  2. LinZi, this was great! I understand you didn't necessarily like this series but I really you did a good thorough job explaining it! My connection to you blog is that the characters in my book also had many sides to them. I felt that you really connected with the characters, well sometimes. I think that I would like to read this because the plot seems very interesting! Nice job!