I read The Clockwork Prince written by: Cassandra Claire. In this book, the main character, Tessa Gray, is living with her aunt do to her parents deaths. All Tessa wants in to figure out how her parents died. But, when her aunt dies, she loses hope until her brother sends her a ticket to join him in London. Tessa has a valuable ability to shift into other people. Everybody is out to get her ability.  I would rate this book a 9/10 because it has very suspenseful chapters and great explanations.

While reading this book, I felt connected with the characters, like I was living in London with Tessa. One part of the book made me feel like I was alongside Tessa helping her fight off the demons. The connection with the characters made me feel like I was their family. In the first chapter I could already foreshadow that Tessa would play a big part in the climax.

I noticed that the author wrote in a very sarcastic way such as when the new servant is working in the kitchen and is singing Irish songs.  Of course Will Herondale( a 17 year old boy who is rude and great at reciting poems and quotes) decides to call her a fat,bloated goat. On top of that, the author wove exciting events that pushed me to the edge of my seat. One of these moments was when Sophie(the maid) smacked Gabriel Lightwood( a trainer) on the face so hard he almost fell backwards. The way the author worded her sentences really made this book full of twisting chapters. I think the author wrote this way to make the reader feel what the characters were feeling and to create a strong bond between the character and reader.

This book meant a lot to me because it made me think about what it would be like if there were other worlds/dimensions in our universe that created monsters and demons that preyed on humans for food. In Tessa’s( the main character) world, they constantly have to be cautious about demons spawning in their world. I never thought about the millions of firefighters and police that keep the world free of big harm.

I was so surprised in one part when Tessa figures out her ability to “change” (“change” means to shape shift into others) everybody around her wants her power and tries to capture her. As I thought more about people having special abilities and powers, I was surprised that everybody in my life interferes in my choices and decisions.  Tessa was motivated throughout the book to find the villain and her brother, but the only thing that held her together was her hope and friends. I couldn’t imagine being in a place that I couldn’t call home and still have the courage to believe or hope for a bright future.

This book reminded me of a board game. In this book, the characters didn’t know what was going to happen; they live their lives as a chance game. This book reminded me of the Hunger Games series because the plots are similar. In the Hunger Games, Katniss lives two lives: the one that the Capitol wants to see and her real live of poverty and fear. In Clockwork Prince, Tessa also lives two lives: the one in which warlocks, faeries, demons, and magicians live in and taunt her life and the one where she loves her aunt and brother.

I read this book in about 3 days, not wanting to put it down. I didn’t ever want to stop reading and was very sad when the book ended. I read this book at a very fast pace only stopping to eat. Every part of the book was played an important role. This book changed my perspective about life and to be thankful for my friends and family.

I would recommend this book/series for anyone who loves dystopian books or magic. Even if you do not like dystopian books, this book has great mysteries and flavor. A little wordy, but not confusing. Great 7th grade reading book and has 568 pages. If you are wanting to read this book, I would recommend reading the first book before this one. The first book in this series is called, Clockwork Angel.  

I absolutely loved Clockwork Prince  because it had suspenseful, tense and showed more romance than the first book. I felt so connected with the characters that I thought I was in their world. There was not a ton of violence which I appreciated and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series which is: The Clockwork Princess.


  1. I think you did a great job. One thing I didn't like is how your blog only allows about 7 words per line. Other than that, you included a lot of detail, and it really made me want to read the book. One question that I have is, is it part of the City of Bones series? I've heard that it is kind of a companion, but I'm not sure. It sounds like you really liked this book, from how much you wrote. I think I would enjoy this book, as the subject sounds right up my alley. How many books are in the series, and is the full series out yet?

  2. @CharlitteL- No this series is not part of the City Of Bones, but you should read that series first to understand the second. It has the same idea, not the same characters.

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